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There’s much to consider when facing a divorce. Below is a chronology we’ve prepared to help you understand the divorce process. It begins with a snapshot of the relationship clients can expect with The Law Offices of Barry I. Finkel P.A.

Some family and divorce law firms require prospective clients to fill out a client profile form online.

Others give first-time visitors to the firm a clipboard with a stack of papers to be completed.

At The Law Offices of Barry I. Finkel P.A., prospective clients are asked very basic information – name, spouse’s name, contact information and whether children are involved, for example – over the phone before you arrive at the office.

Once in the office, you will not be given a clipboard with forms to complete before you see an attorney.

We will ask questions pertinent to your situation. We will keep detailed, confidential notes of all relevant information. We will discuss your case and identify the issues over the course of our conversation – person to person.

No forms, no questionnaires. Just attention to your case, and aggressive advocacy on your behalf.

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