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How to handle the emotions of divorce

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How to handle the emotions of divorce

On behalf of Law Offices of Barry I. Finkel, P.A. posted in Collaborative Law

On behalf of Law Offices of Barry I. Finkel, P.A. posted in collaborative law on Tuesday, January 30, 2018.

The most devastating words your spouse can say in a marriage are, "I want a divorce." The words are so final. It means that the marriage is over and there's no turning back. Maybe you are resigned to the fact that the marriage has to come to an end. Maybe you would rather fight for the marriage as much as possible. Whatever your situation, divorce can be difficult to think about and discuss. Here's how you can handle the emotions associated with divorce.

One of the first things you should do to take control of your emotions during divorce is set restrictions. Find out what it is that upsets you the most regarding the divorce and prevent yourself from getting that far into the problem. If this includes speaking to your former spouse about anything, have someone else communicate for you or do so via email instead of phone or in-person.

You need to take care of yourself when going through divorce. This includes getting enough sleep, exercising, eating right and avoiding stress. All of this seems difficult to tackle but it's all very important. When you are healthy physically, you will see a big difference in your emotional health.

Surround yourself with family and friends who can offer plenty of support. This includes help with your children, chores and who can spend quality time with you either at your home, their home or out on the town.

Consider speaking to an experienced therapist about your situation. Seeking help of this kind can make a major impact in helping you handle the emotions you will experience during divorce.

Were you stunned by your spouse's mention of divorce? Even if you are shocked, you still need to prepare for what's to come in Fort Lauderdale. This includes getting your finances in order, speaking with a divorce attorney, preparing for life after marriage and knowing how to handle the emotions you will experience.


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